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Probate and Estate Planning Attorney Bob Kleinknecht

5137 Castello Drive, Suite 2
Naples Florida 34103
Naples Florida Probate Lawyer Bob Kleinknecht has over 15 years of experience in creating wills trusts, and tax saving plans for families.  


Bob works closely with Florida Personal Representatives , Estate Executors, Trustees and Probate court officials to save money, time and stress in efficiently settling a probate estate.  

Learn a variety of financial and estate planning options and strategies to:
  • Create a living trust
  • Grow your estate
  • Probate a family estate
  • Preserve your financial assets
  • Make planned distributions of estate property
  • Address special family needs via a trust agreement
  • Settle your families estate and resolve family disputes
  • Medical care directives and planning

Attorney Bob Kleinknecht is based in Naples, Florida but provides probate and estate settlement  services throughout the state of Florida. 

Call today at 239.206.3454 to arrange a no cost initial consultation.

Estate Planning and Probate Lawyer Naples