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When a loved one dies, family and friends must deal with the stress of their loss. In addition, there is a heavy responsibility to settle the probate estate. The good news is that there are probate professionals who can to help you.


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A probate realtor can assist in effectively managing the sale of an estate property. Often times, probate real estate assets have unique needs such as the need to clear out the household contents or have an estate sale prior to listing a house for sale.


Probate realtors may often have resources in making repairs, maintaining and safe guarding a home. There are also complicated legal procedures that must be followed to sell an estate property.


A qualified probate realtor professional can provide some of these important benefits, at no more costs than a real estate agent that provides none of these benefits.


Probate real estate is often the most valuable asset held in estate. Maximizing the sales price and minimizing the length of time to sell real estate can relieve some of the stress on a family. The estate executor should not “go it alone” as there are potential legal risks if they do not prudently; maintain, sell or distribute estate property.


If you have been named in the Last Will and Testament as the executor or trustee of an estate we recommend that you contact a probate professional and attorney early in the process.


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